Friday, September 6, 2013

MissRepresentation Reflection

John Corticelli
4. Media construct fantasy worlds.

The way media portrays women creates a false reality that we as people and the lust to be perfectionists, we want the women to look like they do on covers of magazines. It is impossible though because digital programs alter the women.  The media makes all women want to be “perfect” with their false reality. Where actually all women are beautiful the way they are. No matter how hard they try at making themselves look like that it will never happen.

            All forms of media try to persuade the people into wanting this false look because that’s what children are taught at a young age. All women should look like Barbie dolls and be stay at home wives while the men go and work to support the family, where that is not always the case. It is completely normal for women to go work and for a man to stay at home. But 95% of things all show different.